Friday, October 4, 2013

Music Video Mania: October 4, 2013

Since I'm still in catch up mode, in terms of music videos, I've got another batch of three videos to present. 

Starting off this music video frenzy is UK prog-metallers, Tesseract. The track, "Of Mind - Nocturne," comes off of their latest full length album, Altered State, which was released earlier this year. With my review I did of Altered State, it shouldn't be any surprise that I would say I was a fan of Tesseract's new direction. "Nocturne" also happens to be my favorite track off the album so that's always a plus for this video. In terms of the actual video itself, there's nothing super out of the ordinary. It's mainly comprised of the band's performance of the song along with the leader singer aimlessly wandering around a field. Also throw an obnoxious amount of lens flares on there.

Up next in the lineup is Periphery. I don't know why I still haven't listened to their latest album, Periphery II: This Time It's Personal, but I think it's the "eh" kind of vibe I've always gotten from this band. I probably haven't given them their fair shake, but what I have heard never really appealed to me. Regardless, they have a new video out for their track "Ragnarok." It's all live footage from when they were on the Summer Slaughter tour this summer.

The final video wrapping up the festivities here is from the almighty Deftones. The track, "Romantic Dreams," comes off the band's latest 2012 release Koi No Yokan. It shouldn't be news to anyone that the album was fantastic. Be warned that the video below, though, contains no performance footage by the band. Rather, it's all skateboarding footage.

- Mick

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