Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kuma's Corner Features New Burger Named After Ghost: Controversy Ensues

I’m sure from the picture above, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that Sweden’s own Ghost has offended devoutly religious types a time or two before. Now thanks to Chicago’s staple metal burger place, Kuma’s Corner, they can add another offensive item to the list.

For the uninitiated, Kuma’s Corner is a metal themed burger joint that has two locations in Chicago. Not only is the physical restaurant dressed with metal décor, but the actual food is named after metal bands (check out the menu here). The latest addition to the menu is none other than “The Ghost” burger. Being associated with Ghost, however, not even a burger can escape controversy. 

In a report which can be viewed in full below, many people have been offended by the contents of the burger. This new burger is “topped with a red wine reduction and a communion wafer.” 

“Some people are offended because it mocks the body and blood of Jesus.” 

However, since it’s unconsecrated, this wafer is merely a cracker. The burger can also be ordered without wafers or with extra wafers. I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of wish they were consecrated so I could consider going to Kuma’s every Sunday as part of my Catholic obligation. 

- Mick

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