Brutalitopia is about being a fan of metal. As such, the content produced on this site – be it exclusive in-person interviews with artists, reviews of new albums, feature articles addressing topics within the metal world, or anything else our warped minds can think of – is done so from the perspective of a fan. Our aim is to create a culture where ideas are shared, opinions are respected, and most importantly, music is listened to.  We aren’t professionals, we aren’t experts, we aren’t here to tell you what is or is not cool… we’re just a group of metal fans who love throwing up the horns, banging our heads, and playing heavy music at unsafe volumes. So while other sites may be flashier, have more record label ads, or write longer articles than us, we know you won’t be able to find any site more focused on just being a fan of metal. Praise be unto Dio; so say we all.

- Brutalitopia Staff