Friday, January 28, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Animals As Openers?

So it seems like I'm destined to post proggy clips for my WDILF sections for the next few weeks or so.  But looking at what will be coming out this year can you really blame me?!  The band I'll be featuring this week is even more relevant though because I just got the approval to host an in person interview with these guys when they come through Chicago in about a week and a half.  Check to see who it is after the break.

 When I hear good music from an instrumental band, they automatically earn a certain level of respect from me that is totally unique to instrumental music as a whole.  Just by the fact that a band is instrumental is that band essentially saying, "We're so confident in our musical abilities that we don't need vocals." 

In enters this week's featured band on WDILF, Animals As Leaders.  Let me start off by saying that Tosin Abasi can serioulsy shred your face off.  But perhaps even more baffling than Tosin's shredding ablities is the fact that they're on tour right now opening for Underoath.  That's right.....Underoath.  I'm not ripping on Underoath here but you can't seriously tell me that they were the first band you'd think of that Animals As Leaders would fit the bill with.  The good thing about this tour though is that it will be coming through Chicago very soon.  And being the oppurtunist I am, an in person interview will occurr with these guys so you have that to look forward to.  Until then, though, enjoy this sick clip from last year's Summer Slaughter Tour.   


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