Friday, January 28, 2011

Metal Requests All Weekend... No, Seriously.

So if you're like me and you're a total metalhead troll, you've called into a local radio station and requested Cannibal Corpse before. The prudes probably hung up you, but those days are over... at least for a weekend. Sirius 27/XM 42 Liquid Metal is hosting Social Network Takeover weekend, asking you to send in any and all metal requests you can think of until early Monday morning via their Facebook page. I would highly implore everyone to head over there even if you don't have Sirius/XM, which you should also get on if you don't. It pretty much perfects how music radio should be, with Liquid Metal serving as the perfect example. Metal encyclopedia Ian Christe (who hosts Bloody Roots, a heavy metal history show) essentially served as the original inspiration behind Brutalitopia, so we gotta give props where props are due. 

Now get over there and request something super obscure, like Mayhem's earliest EP or something even more controversial. 

- Jack

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