Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revocation Join The Party

I've been the equivalent of high on the Massholes of Revocation for awhile now. Their 2009 breakthrough Exisitence is Futile was genuinely one of the more enticing and original albums of that calendar year. The thing that makes theses tech-death-duders so exciting is that they seem to carving their own path through the muddled genre pool, simply churning out catchy thrashterpieces with teaspoons of prog, death and hardcore sprinkled throughout. And let it be known to anyone who hasn't figured it out yet... Dave Davidson (which is such a circa 1986 frontman name) is undoubtedly one of the most talented young guitarist/vocalists out there right now, totally in the mold of early-Megadeth Mustaine.

And now they're joining the fray in 2011 with what will most certainly be a highly anticipated third full length. The sky is the limit for these guys. Relapse picked them up way early in their careers for a reason... prepare to be stunned, kids.

Full press release can be found here.

- Jack

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