Friday, June 14, 2013

Exclusive Interview - Chris Letchford

This past Wednesday, Mick and I braved what the local meteorologists said could be the worst storm to hit Chicago in years to make it down to the Double Door and see a fantastic tour: Mouth of the Architect, Scale the Summit, and Intronaut.  Check out my thoughts on the show and our interview we had with Chris Letchford after the break!

First and foremost, if you ever have the opportunity to catch a show at the Double Door, I highly recommend it, as it's a very chill bar/venue with a hell of a beer list and great acoustics.  Second and secondmost(?), the show was absolutely stunning, with each band pulling out all the stops and delivering non-stop brilliance for their entire sets (might we have a review coming later? I don't know!  It's a surprise!).  And third and thirdmost (probably definitely not a word), after Scale the Summit's set, Mick and I sat down with guitarist and mastermind Chris Letchford to talk about their new album The Migration, songwriting, artwork, the NBA Finals, and how much I love the song "Atlus Novus," which is a whole, whole lot.  You can enjoy the interview below.

- Durf

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