Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome Back

Hello friends!

We unfortunately don't have a return date for the league's best point guard either, but we hope the news we do have finds you well, enjoying the music and funtivities that make life worth living.  Over the past few months, you may have noticed a conspicuous lack of activity from Brutalitopia, as the three of us embarked on a multitude of adventures and endeavors ranging from incredibly fulfilling to exceedingly monotonous.  You know, like stuff.  However, over the past few weeks, discussions were had, ideas were floated, and finally a decision was made: like the Phoenix, Brutalitopia is rising from the desert of Arizona to oppress anyone who can't produce a driver's license.  Just kidding, we don't care about things like that.  But we are back, and cliched as it may sound, we believe we're stronger and better than ever.

We'll have a lot more information to share about the site in the coming days, including new features on the site, some different things we're going to try out, and (at some point) when new content will begin filtering in. Stay tuned to this page, our brand new owned by us domain, our Twitter (@Brutalitopia), and our newly created Facebook page ( for the latest updates, and we look forward to bringing you fun, enjoyable content centered on the metal we all love so much.

Talk to you guys again real soon.

- Jack, Mick, and Durf


  1. It's about time!!!!! Live web cam- like the good old days at Depaul?

    1. Haha, unfortunately not. We hope to come up with enough cool content to replace that though!