Friday, April 8, 2011

If I Had A Warp Pipe, Pt. I; Hole In The Sky XII

Total Fucking Pipe, Bro

We do quite a lot of chatting here at The 'Top about up-and-coming bands, particularly of late. What gets lost in all the hype is our passion for genres and bands that aren't currently as buzz-worthy as those younger acts that have recently released engaging material. This years Hole In The Sky festival, housed yearly in the black metal Zion of Bergen, Norway, has helped remind that even though the likes Immortal, Satyircon, Godflesh and to some degree Enslaved aren't filling up the blog posts and metal headlines right now, they still fucking own.

I have the tendency to use a geeky phrase, "Damnit, I wish I had a warp pipe," pretty often when I wish I could attend a festival or show that I have no chance of getting to. That being said, this'll serve as our first installment of logistical regret in response to amazing metal events around the globe.

This year's Hole In The Sky (AKA; Bergen Metal Festival XII) is advertising the attendance of black metal's "big four", Immortal, Satyricon, Mayhem and Enslaved. While I don't completely agree with this anointing, those four bands are superstars and veterans in the black metal scene and probabbly deserve to be headlining HITS labeled as such. Joining them will be Ghost (who's debut I reviewed awhile back), Marduk, the almighty Godflesh, Saint Vitus and host of others. In short, I'm jealous of anyone that has the chance to be there.

You can find more info at the official HITS website.

- Jack

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