Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pull Me From The Gallows (of being late)

"You're late, Brutalitopia." As punishment, you must continue to stare at my fancy watch.

So I'm definitely behind everybody else in reporting this, but I can't not post this stuff.  It's just too awesome.  

Check out the two bits of news I actually cared about this week after the break.

First off, Scale the Summit released their new ablum, The Collective, yesterday.  Let me just say that if you are a fan of music in general, then you should be able to enjoy this album.  If you don't, then I really don't see how you can like anything else.  These dudes are the real deal.  This album is a true testament to the maturation of their sound and skills.  Expect a review from us on this baby soon. 

The Human Abstract released a music video for the title track off of their upcoming March 8th release of Digital Veil this past weekend.  This track owns.  The level of heaviness that Travis has brought to the band is still unbelievable to me.  But trust me, I'm not complaining about that.  It's definitely a good thing.  If this doesn't get you totally jacked for their new album, then you need to check your pulse asap.


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