Friday, February 18, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Seabeast-Mode

Long time, no speak my friends. A variety of factors, chief of which being laziness, have prevented me from posting much recently, but I'm taking Mick's stead for this week's WDILF and forcing myself back into the fold. You can expect two reviews from me in the next week; Mitochodrion's Parasignosis and Darkest Hour's The Human Romance. So look forward to that, cause both albums are at the very least worth quite a few listens.

Click through the break to view this week's live video selection!

Mick's masturbatory overload on upcoming prog releases has gotten me excited about all the great progressive metal coming out this year as well, and with today's video we're reaching back into one of my favorite recent prog albums and still my favorite record from the Mastodon men. Seabeast is probably my favorite Mastodon track, and it's a doozie in a live setting. If you didn't think Brann Dailor was unbelievable before (in which case you should be institutionalized), check out the fills throughout this video. Dude's on another plane of existence. Enjoy!

- Jack

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