Friday, July 25, 2014

Pre-Gaming with the Töp: 7/25/14 Edition

Welcome to PreGaming with the Top, a new feature we're going to try out where we here at Brutalitopia bring you a playlist of what we've been jamming on this week so you have some music to get you through the weekend.  Like everything else we do here, there aren't really any rules; songs could be new or old, it doesn't matter.  We just want to rock, and we want you to rock, so we're giving you some music to rock to.  We may post some info about the bands, we may not.  Honestly we're kind of making this whole thing up as we go along, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Hello citizens of the internet!  Durf here, bringing you the third consecutive edition of Pre-Gaming with the Top!  I'm pretty sure that makes this the longest-running weekly feature I've ever been a part of here at Brutalitopia, so I hope you all are really enjoying the results of all the hard work we're putting in to posting one collection of songs a week!  As far as my list goes, I've broken it in two this week.  The Durfette's 7yo nephew will be staying with us this weekend, and I plan on introducing him to some metal while he's here.  That got me thinking of songs that got me into metal, some of which represent the first half of this list.  The second half are songs I've been grooving to this week that require absolutely no context or structure.  So without further ado, crack that beer, spark your bowl, and prepare to Pre-Game with the Top!!!

Lamb of God - "Redneck"

I'm sure I've talked before about my college roommate Noah being a huge influence on getting me into metal; Lamb of God was one of the first bands he introduced me to.  Sacrament is probably not the band's best album, but "Redneck" is a fucking BEAST of a metal track, and plus, I would totally go to this kid's birthday party.

Metallica - "Master of Puppets"

Remember when you could like Metallica without feeling self-concious?  Me neither, really, but "Master of Puppets" was one of the first metal songs I ever heard, and it still rules to this day.  And look at this video?  Who would have ever thought these guys would sue their own fans for trying to listen to their music for free?  Maybe it would be different if anything the band did since the advent of Napster was worthwhile, but... I digress.

Deftones - "Change"

I remember this album coming out in eighth grade and EVERYONE I knew went nuts about it.  My mom wouldn't let me get it though, so I had to settle for listening to it at friends' houses.  The craziest part about "Change" isn't that it's great, or even that it's 15 years old; the craziest part is that the Deftones are still around and somehow making music that's even better than this.  13 year old Durf would not have guessed that, even if he did stop masturbating long enough to try and predict the future.

Limp Bizkit - "Nookie"

Just kidding.

Avenged Sevenfold - "Bat Country"

Before A7X was becoming the darlings of alt-rock radio everywhere, they actually put out some solid records.  Instead of rolling your eyes, just listen to the guitar work in "Bat Country," which is more than good enough to complement a song that pretty much rips off the one Hunter S. Thompson book everyone has read at least once.

Thrice - "The Earth Will Shake"

Sure, it's not technically metal, but everyone starts somewhere.  Vheissu remains one of my favorite albums ever, and while I've seen Thrice near a half-dozen times, I'll still scream every word to "The Earth Will Shake" any time I may see them again.

Ok, enough trips down memory lane.  Here's what I'm digging this week.

Pallbearer - "The Ghost I Used to Be"

Can't stop, won't stop.

Between the Buried and Me - "Sun of Nothing"

I've been on a big "Sun of Nothing" kick recently.  It's not even my favorite BtBaM song, I've just been listening to it at least twice a day at work.  It kicks a lot of ass, so I don't really question it, but I honestly don't get it.

Sleep - "The Clarity"

Remember way back at the beginning of this list when I told you to crack a beer and spark a bowl?  Now is the time where you should probably re-spark that bowl... Jack posted this last week, and I'm not even a little ashamed that I'm using the song again.  This song is great.  Sleep is great.  I think I'm gonna go listen to Dopesmoker as I continue this list.

There you have it; a list of tracks to get you ready for your weekend.  Be safe out there, and have yourselves some fun!

- Durf

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