Monday, April 22, 2013

And a Happy Earth Day to YOU!

Greetings everyone!  As you may or may not know (I certainly had to be reminded), today is Earth Day, which means it's time to celebrate this great planet on which we live by trying our very, very best not to fuck it up beyond all recognition!  Obviously we should probably try and recycle more than once a year, but hey, nobody's perfect, so if you can at least give it a go today, we here at Brutalitopia shall raise a glass in your honor.

More important than recycling, however, is what's going to be happening over at our Facebook page throughout the day.  Fairly regularly, we'll be posting some of our favorite Earth-centric songs for your enjoyment, and we hope that you'll respond by doing the same.  They can be songs with the word "Earth" in the title, songs about the beauty of nature, or really anything that makes you think "Earth;" our first example of what we mean by an "Earth-centric song" is below; can't wait to throw up some tunes with you guys!

- Jack, Mick, and Durf

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