Friday, March 18, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Battle Call

It seems that folk metal has finally broken into the forefront, and Finnish warlords Turisas are a big reason why. Some might suggest their almost Gwar-ish attire cheapen their sound and make them a novelty act, but I'm in the camp that sees these dudes as Europe's response to Municipal Waste. Never expect these guys to craft something groundbreaking and mind-blowing, but do anticipate unbridled entertainment in their sound and live shows that make the St. Patrick's Day party you just went to look like an open wake.

Read the rest and view the live video after the break.

Turisas just released their new full length Stand Up and Fight, which is certainly terrific, but their 2004 debut not only blew the doors off their folk/party metal contemporaries but also introduced a catchphrase for all whom consume beer and circle pit; Battle Metal. If you haven't seen Turisas before, like me, all you need to see is this recording of the title track from Battle Metal on their live DVD A Finnish Summer With Turisas to know that these dudes are totally worth seeing in a live setting. Enjoy, and horns up.

- Jack

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