Monday, January 18, 2021

Best of 2020 Playlist on Spotify

Still catching up on the unholy goodness that 2020 had to offer? We're here to help. If you have yet to view any of our year-end lists, and have no intention of doing so, we've compiled our favorite tracks from each of the albums that made the cut onto a Spotify playlist.

You can get to that playlist using this link.

If you want to know the playlist but for some reason don't want to follow that link above, then read on after the break! 


Ulcerate - "Stare Into Death and Be Still"

Gaerea - "Glare"

Deftones - "Ceremony"

Midnight - "Raw Attack"

Kvelertak - "Rogaland"

Cloudkicker - "Ashtabula"

ACxDC - "Satan is King"

Sea - "Ashes"

Nug - "Shores"

Stygian Bough - "The Unbodied Air"

Barrens - "Penumbra"

Skeleton - "Catacombs"

Cirith Ungol - "Legions Arise"

Barishi - "Blood Aurora"

Psychonaut - "Kabuddah"

Wayfarer - "Vaudeville"

Havukruunu - "Kunnes Varjot Saa"

Malokarpatan - "Ze semena viselcuov čarovný koren povstáva"

Svalbard - "Open Wound"

Sweven - "Reduced to an Ember"

Lucifer - "Stay Astray"

Atramentus - "Stygian III: Perennial Voyage (Across the Perpetual Planes of Crying Frost & Steel-Eroding Blizzards)"

The Ocean - "Jurassic | Cretaceous"

Haunt - "Light the Beacon"

Nothing - "Say Less"

The Ditch and the Delta - "Bleed the Sun"

Napalm Death - "Amoral"

Mare Cognitum, Spectral Lore - "Saturn (The Rebel)"

Prosciption - "I, The Burning Son"

Izthmi - "The Arrows of Our Ways"

Paysage d'Hiver - "Le rêve lucide"

Hum - "In the Den"

An Autumn for Crippled Children - "None More Pale"

Elder - "One Light Retreating"

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