Friday, February 7, 2020

Best of 2019 Playlist on Spotify

Still catching up on the unholy goodness that 2019 had to offer? We're here to help. If you have yet to view any of our year-end lists, and have no intention of doing so, we've compiled our favorite tracks from each of the albums that made the cut onto a Spotify playlist.

You can get to that playlist using this link.

If you want to know the playlist but for some reason don't want to follow that link above, then read on after the break!

Wormwitch - "Two Wolves"
An Isolated Mind - "Turritopsis Dohrnii"
White Ward - "No Cure for Pain"
A Swarm of the Sun - "The Woods"
Pelican - "Cold Hope"
Immortal Bird - "Avolition"
Alcest - "L'Île Des Morts"
Inter Arma - "Howling Lands"
High Command - "Inexorable Darkness"
Tomb Mold - "Accelerative Phenomenae"
Eternal Storm - "Detachment"
Spirit Adrift - "Hear Her"
Departure Chadelier - "A Sacrifice to the Corsica Antichrist"
Asthma Castle - "Methlehem"
Sanhedrin - "Wind on the Storm"
Russian Circles - "Quartered"
Haunt - "Run and Hide"
Venom Prison - "Uterine Industrialisation"
Sleeping Ancient - "Taphephobic Hallucinations"
No One Knows What the Dead Think - "Autumn Flower"
Eye of the Destroyer - "Baptized in Pain"
Crypt Sermon - "Key of Solomon"
Blyh - "Utica Crib"
Falls of Rauros - "Last Empty Tradition"
Herod - "There Will Be Gods"
Darkthrone - "The Hardship of the Scots"
Baroness - "Tourniquet"
Bask - "Rid of You"
Xoth - "Melted Face of the Soul"
Full of Hell - "Armory of Obsidian Glass"
Varaha - "My World and Yours"
Gatecreeper - "From the Ashes"
Blood Incantation - "Awakening from the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Nature of the Soul)"
Dreadnought - "Pestilent"
Dawn Ray'd - "Soon Will Be the Age of Lessons Learnt"
Obsequiae - "Ceres in Emerald Streams"
Schammasch - "Rays Like Razors"

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