Friday, May 17, 2013

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Chillin At Coachella

Fridays here at Brutalitopia mean only one thing.....We'll Do It Live!  For the uninitiated, We'll Do It Live Fridays (or WDILF for short) is a celebration of live performances.  It's one thing if a band sounds good in the studio but the true test is whether or not they can deliver the goods live.  WDILF tries to bring to light specific bands and/or specific performances that truly shine through in the live setting.

See who made the cut this week after the break. 

For this week's WDILF post, Sweden's Ghost (Ghost B.C.) is in the driver seat.  For those even vaguely familiar with Ghost, this should be an unsurprising choice.  The band's live schtick is, without question, what they're most known for.  While seeing an anti-pope and his druids on stage is certainly a huge part of the joy of witnessing them perform live, however, their actual sound is also quite astounding.  Not only does their studio sound translate clearly, but it also comes through with a much heavier edge and an energy that unites the whole crowd.  It's this same energy that will affirm that you'll hear more "Satan!" chants than you've ever heard at one concert before.

Check out the nameless ghouls and Papa Emeritus playing the first two tracks from their new album, Infestissumam, at Coachella which took place in California about a month ago.  Enjoy!

- Mick

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