Monday, May 13, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Mikael Akerfeldt

This past Saturday, I had the extreme, lifelong dream come true pleasure of sitting down and talking with the one and only Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth.  Opeth has long been my favorite band, and they were in the Chicago area on tour with Katatonia, so it was a great opportunity to sit down with Mikael and chat about a myriad of topics, like the state of metal music, his thoughts on working with his musical heroes, and even what the new Opeth record (!) might sound like.  Check out the interview below; I'm pretty sure it's awesome and you'll enjoy it, although I may have blacked out from too much awesome while actually speaking with him.

The show itself was great; unfortunately due to the public transportation necessary for my car-less self to get to the venue, I had to leave shortly after Opeth went on, which was a pretty big bummer.  On the flip side, the three songs I was priveleged enough to see ("The Devil's Orchard," "Ghost of Perdition," "White Cluster") were absolutely stellar, and Katatonia was thoroughly gloomy and enjoyable.  The two bands are on tour through early June; I can't recommend checking this tour out highly enough.


  1. Good interview, yo. I'm lucky I was able to avoid Mikael after the show, I didn't want to have to throw down over obscure 70s prog!


  2. Thanks for reading man; glad you enjoyed it. Also glad you managed to avoid Mikael's fists of steel after the show.

  3. Great interview, my friend. Glad you finally got to sit down and speak with him! What a treasure, eh? Hah, though that's a a bit of a low blow dissing Camel at the end. Dude certainly loves his old school prog. Definitely got into some good discussion with him, great questions. Quite the character.