Friday, August 10, 2012

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Roads To One Small Venue

 It's been too long since a WDILF post has graced the pages of Brutalitopia, so it is making another triumphant return bringing, as always, a live clip that's well worth watching.  Today's American black-metallers are making their WDILF debut.

Check out who it is after the break.

Black metal is a genre that's always been favorable with us here at Brutalitopia and today's WDILF featured band is one that really made an impression on us with their latest release.  I'm of course referring to California natives, Deafheaven.  Landing at #10 on Jack's Top 15 Albums of 2011, Roads To Judah was an album that was a pleasant surprise.  While the album presented the trademarks of more atmospheric black metal, it presented these trademarks in a way that seemed fresh and not overdone. 

So for today's WDILF post, I decided to go with a clip of Deafheaven playing three songs from Roads To Judah in what is probably one of the smallest venues I've ever seen (I'm surprised it actually is a venue).  Enjoy.

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