Friday, July 13, 2012

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Revolution......Engage

First off, let me wish all of you out there a happy Friday the 13th!  It shouldn't be to hard to decide on what kind of movie marathon you should take part of today.

This weeks WDILF post comes from my recent, but not so surprising, metalcore obsession.  As the title may suggest, I'm certainly not pulling from any obscure bands here.

Check it out after the break. 

This week's WDILF post will feature none other than Killswitch Engage (big surprise).  You could consider me one of the many who were more than ecstatic to hear the news that singer Howard Jones, who recently left the band due to personal reasons, was officially replaced by original KSE singer, Jesse Leach.  With the band also having announced that a new album is in the works, thoughts of a part 2 of their monumental album, 2003's Alive Or Just Breathing, has gotten me super anxious to hear what comes out of that camp.  You can actually hear a new track with Jesse as a part of the lineup here.  If the link doesn't work, the title of the song is "This Is Confrontation."  The fine youtube community will make sure the song's always up there somewhere.

As for the actual WDILF clip, it would seem only natural that I pick something from the 2003 era of KSE.  And indeed I have.  I decided to go with a more obscure track from the Alive Or Just Breathing album.  While Howard Jones was still the singer during the time that this live DVD was recorded, it was the best quality of the song I could find in a live setting.  Enjoy.     

- Mick

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