Friday, January 27, 2012

We'll Do It Live Fridays: An Ache For Awesomeness

No special announcements here.....just another WDILF post coming your way to hopefully make your Friday more metal.  For this week's WDILF post, I decided to go with a Chicago based band whose latest album has been growing on me a lot as of late.  Check out who it is after the break.

May I present to you, The Atlas Moth.  The latest release from these Chicagoans, An Ache For The Distance, fell into the category of albums I never got around to at the end of last year.  However, I'm grateful I decided to kick it into gear with the start of the new year and play catch up with many albums.  The Atlas Moth presents an interesting formula of catchy almost rocky-type riffs along with mesmerizing vocals.  The track below is the title track from An Ache For The Distance and is the one that really opened my ears for this band.  Enjoy.

- Mick

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