Friday, October 7, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)

When it was announced that Trivium and Dream Theater would be touring together, I immediately knew that was an experience that I couldn't pass up. Walking backstage running into members of both Trivium and Dream Theater was probably the most surreal experience I've ever had. It also only seemed appropriate that the first time I saw John Petrucci was when he was getting ready for a photo-shoot and was assuming the ever famous Petrucci power stance. Needless to say, an in-person interview with Dream Theater's keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, only made the experience that much more epic. Jordan was a fantastic guy to chat with and gave us plenty of insight into what's been going on with Dream Theater as of late.

Also, after the interview, Jordan showed us his apps that he uses on his ipad during shows and gave us a rather thorough demonstration of their capabilities. I'll be sure to throw up a post soon going into more details about them. But for now, enjoy the interview.

- Mick

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