Friday, August 12, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: The Venom of Hell

So here we are.  Another Friday brings another WDILF post.  There's no big drawn out intro to today's band, because they've already been posted about today.  (hint hint: they just released a new music video)

Check it out after the break

If you guessed Darkest Hour, you were wrong.  So naturally, Chimaira will be making a WDILF appearance today.   I figured it would only be fitting to give them their due since their new album, which you all should be really excited about, drops this upcoming Tuesday.  The thing that's constantly impressed me about Chimaira is that they always seem to get heavier with each album, not to mention that their live stage presence is killer.  But let's let the whole point of this post speak for itself.  Here's a clip from their last DVD, Coming Alive.  Enjoy.


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