Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Trivium Track!

So here it is, at long last, our first taste of some brand spankin new Trivium.  I've only given the track a couple of listens so far but it definitely evoked some positive responses to my ears initially.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Trivium is a band I have a very positive bias towards, especially if my profile pic on the sidebar is any indication, so I won't try to sugar coat it too much.  This song is not something that is going to blow you away.  It certainly is not reinventing the wheel.  However, it is a very solid track.  While the  "epicness" that was created with tracks on Shogun is not in full force here, this track still gives plenty of reason to be excited about their new record which should be coming out sometime over the summer.  Get excited people.  


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