Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Scale The Summit

This past Monday (3/28/11), I was lucky enough to meet up and chat with Scale The Summit guitarist, Chris Letchford.  We talked about his perception of The Collective, the band's recent album release, and other things that are on the horizon for Scale The Summit.  Chris was an absolute pleasure to talk to, and totally shredded it up during their performance.  It's no secret that we're fans of Scale The Summit here at Brutalitopia.  So it goes without saying that we wish them all the best.  We're hoping to catch up with them and our buddies in The Human Abstract over their upcoming summer tour.  Be sure to check out The Collective.  It's surely one of the best albums 2011 has offered us yet.

Be sure to check out two full songs I managed to record form Scale The Summit's performance in Chicago after the break!


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