Friday, December 17, 2010

We'll Do It Live Fridays...1st Entry!

I'm proud to be the first to be able to introduce you all to the first in what will be an ongoing series of posts which will be thrown up here every Friday.  If you're not convinced of this, Bill O'Reilly is here to yell at you about it, thus the name of this series.  If you don't understand the reference or just simply want to laugh at it again, you can click on the logo above to view the clip on youtube. 

But onto what this post is all about.  The theory with this series, as Jack and I have agreed on, is to deliver our favorite live performance clips from various bands to you every Friday.  Plus, that way we have an excuse to be lazy and not look up much else.

Read more and see my clip after the break.

With top 10 lists coming out (ours will be out sometime next week before Christmas) to commemorate 2010, it is a time of reflection now.  2010 was a year where certainly many things happened, most of which I really didn't care about.  Perhaps one of the most notable events of 2010, though, was what the dudes over at MetalSucks have justifiably named Portnoy-Gate.  With Mike Portnoy now gone from Dream Theater, people are concerned as to what direction the band will take.  But since this is now a time for reflection instead of speculation, I'm going to take you to a time when Dream Theater was certainly alive and well.

For my first entry in this series, I've decided to pull a track from one of my all time favorite live dvds.  Namely, Dream Theater's live concert from Budokan.  The song is known as the "Instrumedley" which features, you guessed it, several instrumental sections of various Dream Theater songs seamlessly woven together to create utter glory.  We'll do it live!


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