Monday, November 15, 2010

A Brutalitopia Exclusive Interview - All That Remains

Coming off of last weekend's interview with Devin Townsend, Jack and I thought it was pretty surreal that only one weekend after our very first video recorded in person interview we had another one lined up with All That Remains, who were on the last night of their U.S. headling tour here in Chicago.  We had the oppurtunity to speak with one of their guitarists Mike Martin.  The guy was a blast to talk to since we chatted about a rather wide array of things.  Their performance later that night was also pretty impressive to say the least.  I've always heard rather bad things about ATR's live performances but I definitely have not seen any evidence of that yet.  They are taking a short break with this tour being over, but definitely keep your eyes and ears open for more tour news of their's that they will apparently be announcing soon.  We apologize for how bad the audio gets towards the end of the interview.  There was also a meet and greet going on right around us, plus our recording equipment was going a little goofy.  But nonetheless, you can make out most of it. 



  1. We've seen ATR live and they did really well....What bad things have you been hearing?

  2. I've heard people say how Phil is horrible at singing, but I seriously have not been even close to convinced of that yet.