Friday, February 19, 2021

Durf's Weekly Workout # 6: February 19th, 2021

This week was one of those weeks.  You know, those weeks.  I've probably spent ten hours shoveling snow, the Durfling 2: Electric Boogaloo is due in ten days, my mother in law arrives today to help out so we've been getting the house ready... it's been crazy busy, and physically and mentally exhausting, to the point where I'm honestly shocked that I not only lifted every day this week, but also found enough words to put into time everything I listened to.  ...or something like that.  Anyway, in light of whole-assing my workouts (and life!), I'm very ok with half-assing this intro section this week.  On to the week's music! 



Sea Sleeper - Nostophobia

For whatever reason, I have absolutely no problem getting going on Monday morning.  I don't know if it's because I'm incredibly well-rested from the weekend (lol) or what, but I have an easier time getting up to lift on Mondays than I do the rest of the week.  As such, the added oomph of great workout music is less needed, but finding something good certainly doesn't hurt.  Sea Sleeper traffics in mildly-proggy sludge a la early Mastodon, filtered through a little Gojira, so it was a definite added pleasure to start my week with Nostophobia.  The album does a whole lot over its runtime, and subsequent listens have made me realize I barely scratched the surface on my first listen.  Also, the album artwork has for whatever reason haunted my dreams all week, which I guess is a plus.  Had no idea sentient seaweed clusters freaked me out so much.  Nostophobia came out February 5th on Metal Assault; you're gonna want to check this one out.


Wolf King - The Path of Wrath

This was one of those albums that doesn't really fit into any genre squarely, and also didn't really blow me away musically, but turned out to be a great fit for the morning's workout.  Wolf King marries blast beats, thrashy riffs, and roaring vocals to create a Frankenstein's Monster (but was it his fault he was monstrous?  All he wanted was some love and acknowledgement and direction from his creat... You know what, not the time) of songs that all push way past the red line.  Today was a Leg Day, and despite the usual harrumphs about Leg Day, I was able to force my way through with The Path of Wrath (also a ridiculously solid album title) as my soundtrack.  The Path of Wrath is out March 5th.


Swampbeast - Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads

I've been excited for and looking forward to this album since I heard a song from it somewhere, to almost irrational levels.  I've never heard of this band, the song was solid but didn't blow my mind, but anytime I came across an email teasing the promo I couldn't help but whisper "Sooooooooooon!" to myself like Gollum plotting to murder Sam and Frodo.  I think it's gotta be the name; Swampbeast is an unabashedly perfect name for a metal band, a name that when you hear it, you're instantly like "Yoooooo, I know what that's gonna be about," as long as you hear Swampbeast and think dirty, messy, feedback-laden death metal.  This was a fun one, and I imagine it getting many, many more plays as the year progresses.  Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads came out last Friday on Translation Loss Records.


Camera Obscura Two - D.Ö.D.

We've been getting emails about this album for a month or so now, and it's piqued my interest multiple times, but I've avoided it until now.  Why, you probably aren't asking?  Because, I'm answering anyway, I think the name of the band is pretty terrible, the literal opposite of Swampbeast.  It's a silly reason, not least of all because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been my favorite tv show for over a decade and that's an objectively terrible title for a tv show.  Thankfully Tom is not as discerning (judgey?) about album names, and he sent word along that D.Ö.D. is very much worth listening to.  And you know what, that bagel-munching son of a gun is right.  CO2 play a sludgy muck of disparate metal elements that share little except their aggression, and it works for the band.  A little grind here, some black metal there, a dash of hardcore over the top, and BAM! Fun little workout album.  I was definitely a fool for skipping this for so long for such a dumb reason; learn from my mistakes and check out D.Ö.D. now, because it came out last Friday on Selfmadegod Records.


Bridge Burner - Disempath

This was a real kick in the dick of a day, as I absolutely blasted my leg workout and then went to work where I spent a solid 6 hours shoveling snow off of slick plastic coverings and trying not to fall.  Trying to stay balanced on shaky glutes is a serious workout in it's own right and then you add shoveling heavy snow, which apparently is a massive heart attack risk, and then the continued snowfall made my commute home two or three times as long as normal, and by the end of the day my nerves were just shot to shit.  And THEN the Durfling decided it would be a good idea to practice his Puciato-esque stage dive... down the fucking stairs.  Ugh.  Anyway, Mick told me I should check this album out, and he was pretty right about that.  Disempath is an exciting romp of deathcore that helps keep your pulse up in between sets.  While this admittedly isn't really my cup of tea, it was a tremendous workout album that could definitely see more spins in my garage.  And really, isn't that what this whole exercise is all about?  Disempath is out April 2nd on Hibernation Release.

And there's the week.  Previously covered Workout Albums out today are:

Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning 

Gravesend - Methods of Human Disposal

Spire - Temple of Khronos 

Malice Divine - Malice Divine

Uhhhh, yeah, you should definitely listen to those.  This is easily the strongest Previously Covered Workout Albums Out Today section yet; a new personal best, if you will.  Hope everyone is still going strong; have a great week.

- Durf

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