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Pre-Gaming with the Töp: 7/11/14 Edition

Welcome to PreGaming with the Top, a new feature we're going to try out where we here at Brutalitopia bring you a playlist of what we've been jamming on this week so you have some music to get you through the weekend.  Like everything else we do here, there aren't really any rules; songs could be new or old, it doesn't matter.  We just want to rock, and we want you to rock, so we're giving you some music to rock to.  We may post some info about the bands, we may not.  Honestly we're kind of making this whole thing up as we go along, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Durf's List

Blown Out - "Sun Rot (Parts 1 & 2)"

Kicking off my list is this doozy of a duo; Sun Rot is a 40 minute album composed of two tracks.  It's all instrumental, and it gets pretty spacy at times.  It's like a mellowed out, less misanthropic Bongripper.

Bongripper - "Into Ruin"

Speaking of Bongripper, the doom masters from the Windy City made their newest album Miserable available for streaming/NYOP download this week.  "Into Ruin" is the final track, a gargantuan 28 minute behemoth of distortion and riffs.  This one might be more of a "post-game" track, depending on how hard you go...

Mastodon - "Ember City"

I've already talked about Once More 'Round the Sun, and while the album has its flaws, this track isn't one of them.  It takes me between three and four listens to this song to get to work; it's become my favorite song on an album that's become the soundtrack to my commute.

Pallbearer - "The Ghost I Used to Be"

Foundations of Burden is out in a month, but I don't think I can wait that long.  This song is completely and utterly amazing.  Sadly NPR doesn't allow you to embed their tracks, but that's where things like SoundCloud can come through in the clutch.

Pink Floyd - "Hey You"

There's a new Pink Floyd album coming out later this year.  Call me pessimistic, but I think it will be less than good.  I hope I'm wrong though.

Wolves in the Throne Room - "Turning Ever Toward the Sun"

Celestite is not a black metal album, and not even in the way some people complain Sunbather isn't a black metal album.  But it is beautiful, ethereal, and wonderful.  "Turning Ever Toward the Sun" is the first song from the album, and it gives you a pretty good idea of what the whole thing's about.

Foo Fighters - "Dear Rosemary"

Sure, it's not metal, but this track from the reigning heavyweights of rock n' roll still kicks ass.  Foo Fighters is 20 years old this year, btw, and it's absolutely crazy that this band is still getting better.  Plus this live video is worth it just for Taylor Hawkins trying to do his best Bob Mould impression.

Opeth - "Porcelain Heart"

I really want Pale Communion to be great, because I don't want to live in a world where Opeth is thought of as sub-par for any reason.  Opeth is just one of those things that's great, like deli sandwiches on rye bread or chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  Plus, this video has a pretty rockin' drum solo that stretches the track to nearly fifteen minutes, which is the perfect length for a song.

Wo Fat - "Dreamwalker"

Evidently Jack knew that Wo Fat's new album The Conjuring is amazing and just didn't tell me because he's an asshole.  I'm nicer than he, so I'll let you know that you need to go pick this album up, because it's amazing.

That should be plenty of riffs, synths, and grooves to get you through the weekend; if not, then check out Mick's list below for more.  And don't forget to tell us who's list you like the most, because we're shallow and competitive.

- Durf

Mick's List

The Algorithm - "discovery"

It's been all too long since we here at Brutalitopia have been able to go into DJ mode.  And while Durf says we're a shallow competitive bunch, you'll quickly realize that after taking a gander at my list below, there's no competition here. To start things off, I decided to go with a rather fun little tune.  The Algorithm is a project that encompasses techno, 8-bit video game-type synths, and barrages of metal guitars that delivers experimental goodness.  Color me shocked if these guys never write a score for some indie game in the future. 

Agalloch - "The Astral Dialogue"

Few would argue that Agalloch is among one of metal's most consistently great bands. Their latest album, The Serpent and the Sphere, certainly doesn't buck that trend.  As it's seeped further and further into my ear drums since its release, it has slowly but surely been taking over the position of my favorite Agalloch album...and that's not something I would say all willy-nilly.   

Animals As Leaders - "Kascade"

I made my opinions on the new Animals As Leaders album pretty clear when I reviewed it.  For those to lazy to follow the link and read the review in full, I was pretty underwhelmed by the album.  That's not to say, however, that there weren't a few tracks that completely ruled. The opening track, "Kascade," is one of those tracks that hits all the marks.  It's also impossible to not be impressed by watching live clips of Tosin Abasi shred, regardless of your thoughts on the music. 

The Atlas Moth - "Collider"

Our own hometown heroes in The Atlas Moth are staying strong with their latest album, The Old Believer.  Fat sludgy riffs are the hooks to this album that make it, from front to back, one of the year's best so far. 

Behemoth - "In The Absence Ov Light"

The Satanist, the latest triumph from Poland's infamous Behemoth, is an album you'll be seeing on countless top albums of the year lists.....and for good reason.  The production quality of the album is undeniably great; making this pulse-pounding soundtrack to all things anti-Christian (surprise surprise) all the more palpable.  

Every Time I Die - "Idiot"

Metalcore can be a dirty term in many circles.  If you're a part of one of said circles, know that Every Time I Die is simultaneously making adrenaline fueled pit anthems and flipping you one giant middle finger.  

The Mire - "Trance Monolith"

While I tend to cringe every time I see some band get labeled with a long winded term like "progressive post-sludge metal" (in this case), I saw this album get some pretty great reviews around the interwebz so I decided to the roll the dice.  It took me a couple listens, but after those couple listens this album became straight-up infectious. Glass Cathedrals is an album that harnesses simple enough grooves but composes them all together brilliantly.  There's always something to be said for albums like that.

WIFE - "Heart is a Far Light"

I'm sure I'm not the only one that was close to shedding a tear (or balling their eyes out) when Altar of Plagues announced that last year's magnificent Teethed Glory & Injury would be the band's last hurrah.  Despite this, the band's mastermind, James Kelly, continued on with his pop-based side project WIFE.  Like a lot of pop music, it doesn't necessarily reinvent the wheel but I'd be lying if there wasn't a track or two that could get stuck in my head pretty easily. 

Isis - "Wills Dissolve"

Cue the only track on my list that wasn't released this year.  But let's face it, chances are overwhelmingly good that you and I both love Isis so here's Wills Dissolve

Intervals - "A Voice Within"

I was skeptical when I first learned the news that instrumental act Intervals was incorporating a lead singer into the mix.  However, much to my delight, my cynicism was shat on in epic fashion.  The technical guitar chops of Aaron Marshall mixed with clean vocals that sound like a cross between Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) and Daniel de Jongh (Textures) has shown to be a recipe for success. 

- Mick

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