Friday, December 23, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: I Don't Have A Good Pun For "Empyreal"

Let me just start, on a side note, by stating that all of us here at Brutalitopia (now totaling 4) will be joining our fellow metal community comrades in the overwhelmingly subjective arena of year-end top 10/whatever number we decide lists in exactly one week.  So that means on Friday, December 30th you will want to check back here, without hesitation.     

But now to the real matter at hand for today.  It's been all too long since we've done a WDILF post so here's hopefully the one that will get us back in gear of doing this every Friday.

Find out what song I couldn't come up with a pun for after the break!

Maybe I'm just dropping a little hint at one album that will make my year-end list, but Sylosis' new release, Edge Of The Earth, from earlier this spring owned. It contained, without question, some of the catchiest riffs and sickest soloing from anything I've heard this year. 

So naturally I've been dying to find a good live clip of Sylosis for quite some time to present for a WDILF post.  My patience and diligent youtube searching skills payed off as I just found an awesome clip a couple days ago.  The clip is of the UK metallers playing their track "Empyreal" live at this year's Metal Hammer Golden God Awards.  Enjoy.

- Mick

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