Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music Video Mania: Lamb Of God and Alcest

Per usual, I'm not the first to post news about this but it's without question worth posting up on the internet again (credit for seeing this goes out to the good dudes at Heavy Blog Is Heavy and Decibel).  What we have here is more music video mania from the past week from two bands that continually show that they kick major ass.

First up, we have Lamb Of God and my god does their new track seriously own.  The official music/lyric video was released earlier this week and can be seen below.  This track, entitled Ghost Walking, comes off of their upcoming album Resolution which is slated for a January 24th release date.

Next up, we have some other brand new material from French black/shoegaze/atmospheric/whatever else they're categorized as (seriously guys, metal categorization is getting a tad bit ridiculous) these days metallers, Alcest.  Coming off of their triumphant 2010 release of Ecailles De Lune, it seems that Alcest shows no signs of slowing down just yet.  They also have released a new track, entitled Autre Temps, which comes off of their upcoming release of Les Voyages De L’├éme which is set to be released on January 6th.  Below is the official music video which came out around a week or so ago.  Decibel has a full version of the song (the music video cuts off a little bit of the beginning) which can be found here

2011 will be insanely hard to outdo but releases from these two bands in January will surely give 2012 a solid start. 

- Mick

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