Friday, August 12, 2011

Music Video Mania - New Videos From Chimaira and Darkest Hour

Whether or not you believe that the artform of the music video is a dying one doesn't change the fact that nothing beats a good music video.  And today, I present you with two pretty solid ones.

We'll first start off with some brand new Chimaira that came out yesterday.  This is the third song I've heard off of their upcoming album, The Age Of Hell, and let me just say that Chimaira has always been a band that never disappoints. This new track, Year Of The Snake, is no exception either.  Be sure to check out The Age Of Hell when it comes out on 8/16 via eOne records.

Up next, we got a new video from Darkest Hour.  Who could object to that?!  The video features the track Love As A Weapon from their most recent release of The Human Romance.  It certainly is not up to par with Undoing Ruin but that's not to say that the album isn't great.  I mean c'mon, it's Darkest Hour.  Much like Chimaira, you can really never go wrong with some Darkest Hour.  Enjoy.


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