Friday, July 22, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Concealing an Epic Tour

As I've said on almost every other post on here, 2011 has and is going to be an amazing year for metal.  But the fact that so many great albums are going to be released this year is really about half of the reason why this year is going to be so great.  As you might guess, new albums mean new tours.  I've definitely got my sights set on the Opeth/Katatonia and Enslaved/Alcest/Ghost tours that will be coming through in the fall, but one has just been rumored that is utterly unbelievable.  Hold your breath for this one folks, it seems very likely that Between The Buried and Me will be touring this fall along with Animals As Leaders and Tesseract.  Holy shit is right.  I won't completely spoil it but I can tell you from speaking with Tosin Abasi after their headlining show in Joliet last Saturday that they will for sure be touring with one of those two other bands.  Either way, it's just another tour I feel I can't afford to miss.

So with that being said, let's see who will be entering our WDILF studios today.
With the announcement of that potential BTBAM, Animals as Leaders, and Tesseract show I immediately rejoiced in the fact that I may finally be able to see Tesseract live.  They're definitely still on my list of bands that I've wanted to see and have only heard good things of their live show.  Not all too long ago, they released videos on youtube of them performing Concealing Fate in it's entirety in studio.  It should go without saying that the clips are absolutely badass.  So let's get down to it and have Tesseract make their WDILF debut.



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