Friday, January 7, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Putting The Metal In Metalcore

For WDILF today, we're going to venture into a genre of metal that will sometimes deservedly get the evil eye from many in the metal community.  This genre is none other than 'metalcore.'  Like any other genre, however, there are certain bands that make you realize the genre's true potential.  Find out who I'm talking about after the break.

 Landing the #8 spot on my top 10 best albums of 2010 list, we'll be looking at a track from As I Lay Dying's most recent release, The Powerless Rise.  This track, Anodyne Sea, was also named as one of the most infectious extreme metal songs of 2010 by our good friend Islander over at No Clean Singing.  And speaking from experience (aka seeing this song performed at this past summer's Cool Tour), this song rules live. 


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