Friday, January 21, 2011

We'll Do It Live Fridays: Between Epicness and 2011

With 2010 having been the year for black metal, progressive metal is looking to make quite an outing in 2011.  With bands such as Cynic, Opeth, Protest the Hero, the Human Abstract, Mastodon, Scale the Summit, and Dream Theater  either coming out with new material or are at least starting to work on new matrerial, I already foresee making a top 10 list for 2011 to be nearly impossible.  But wait a minute....I left out a pretty key name from that prog all stars list.  Find out who it is after the break.

Ah yes, BTBAM.  What would an epic year of prog metal be without them?  As far as they've lead the public to believe, Between the Buried and Me is at work on a new ep.  No release dates or anything of that sort have been released yet, but we can only hope they don't keep us in the dark for too long.  So far, they've only given us two teaser trailers of random studio footage that simply say at the end, "Soon."

So for WDILF today, I've decided to pull some clips from BTBAM's live Colors dvd.  If any of haven't seen this dvd, you should feel ashamed.  Colors was such a revolutionary album in defining both the boundaries of prog metal and BTBAM's potential.  Comparing their previous release at that point, Alaska, to Colors is unbelievably shocking.  These guys clearly operate on a whole other plane of existence.  They also are one of the best live bands you could ever pay to see.  I could go on for days singing BTBAM's praises so let's just let the clips speak for themselves.  Enjoy.


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