Friday, December 3, 2010

Slipknot To Return To The Stage

They indeed will not die, which is good to hear.  It was just announced today on Slipknot's official website that they will be returning for some live performances.

"Slipknot are proud to announce that they will return in 2011 to headline the UK’s Sonisphere Festival. The weekend event at the world famous Knebworth site is set for Friday July 8th- Sunday July 10th.
Expect the band to bring an incendiary show to Sonisphere, as the icons prepare to honour Paul Gray’s memory and musical career with their Knebworth appearance. Slipknot say, “We’re looking forward to spending our summer in Europe. This tour is about us and our fans. It’s about celebrating the life of our brother, Paul and his legacy. The door is neither open nor closed. This tour is about burning down that door. See you this summer.”

The band hope you will come join them in Europe next Summer to celebrate and remember their brother, Paul Gray."

I'm glad to hear that Slipknot is doing this.  With Paul's tragic death, I was almost certain that Slipknot would be no more.  Slipknot, I feel, has always been a band that was willing to give back to their fans.  But especially since Paul's gone now, it seems even more important that they do this.  Besides, giving to the fans is really what it's all about.  Good for Slipknot.


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