Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Song From The Human Abstract! It's About Time They Stopped Teasing

As soon as they just released their second teaser for their new album this last Friday, The Human Abstract just today released a full legth track from their upcoming album, "Digital Veil."  This track, entitled "Faust," is utterly amazing.  This album is going to be so huge if the other songs are of great of quality as this one is.  Travis Richter makes an unbelievably impressive peformance with his first released track with THA.  He definitely gives the band a heavier edge vocally than previously known from Nathan Ells, but the musicianship that everybody came to love from Nocturne is still present and actually improved in many respects.  The track is available for purchase from itunes and other digital outlets so definitely pick it up.  It's more than worth the buy!


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