Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Guitar Duel That Destroyed the Universe: Devin vs. Ziltoid @ Tuska

While we here at Brutalitopia have made the news of our big upcoming weekend rather clear on the show, nothing has been said yet here. So let's break the ice... Mick and I will be conducting a video interview with Devin Townsend when he visits Lincoln Hall in Chicago this coming Sunday, November 7th. "Holy shit" is right. Hevy Devy is extremely well thought of in these parts by all 'Topians, Mick and myself most of all. So it goes without saying we're soiling ourselves over this one, but not quite to the level of the guys in Jackass 3D (which I highly suggest anyone with a sense of humor and a strong stomach go enjoy as soon as possible).

Now that we finally have that conspicuous and exciting announcement out of the way, get stoked by watching Devin pwn Ziltoid in a guitar duel at this years Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. Intergalactic, trans-dimensional coffee nerds need to learn their place...

- Jack Attack

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