Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rooster Rock To The MAX

So our rooster rocker friends in Atreyu were definitely one of the bigger acts (in terms of what order they were lined up, not necessarily one of the bigger performers) slotted at this years Mayhem Festival.  I was interested to see them perform live, but definitely not a band I was absolutely pumped for (like Shadows Fall, Chimaira, Norma Jean, Lamb Of God).  However, in their defense, I did find myself impressed with their performance.  I would never anticipate would happen afterwards though.  My fellow Brutalitopian Matt "The X-Factor" noticed while Norma Jean was playing that Dan Jacobs of Atreyu was making his exit but was taking pictures with fans who noticed him on the outskirts of the crowd.  Fate just so had it that we were close enough to this commotion that we ended up meeting the blood spattered esp guitar wielder himself.  

Mayhem Ticket: $50
Picture with rooster rocker Dan Jacobs: Priceless?    

- Vicious Mick \m/ \m/

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